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Memory of the World



1. Rang 

Heiko Hünnerkopf 

Konzeption, Gestaltung 


At the beginning of human history, information and memories has been verbally to the next generation. The next step was petroglyphs.
First the developments of a script, hard-hewn into stone tablets, considered in detail the memories for a longer period. The development of papyrus in Egypt made it possible to write down memories. The rolls were easy to handle and were widely disseminated. In the early Middle Ages was the papyrus parchment replaced by more resistant.

Our entire knowledge of antiquity and of Christianity was given to us by rolls of papyrus and parchment survived.
This is the idea of supporting this draft – a scroll.

The emblem is reduced, concise, clear and easily reproducible. Moreover the form associated at the same time the copyright symbol, a globe, a gramophone record, a film role and a sound source. This substance transportes the main ideas of the UNESCO program „Memory of the World“ – the preservation and presentation of outstanding documents the history of mankind.
The secondary logo acts in suggestion with the symbolism of the primary logo and enters into a separate relationship with it.
What we know about the Parthenon without Scrolls?

The orange combines the yellow tones of papyrus and parchment with the red a seal used in connection with use of scrolls found. The color is clean and is in a modern context.

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